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I’m a child of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s. Fortunately, I’m still a child when it comes to loving music. Acoustic and electric 6- and 12-string guitars and electric bass are my instruments. I’ve been singing my entire life, with some formal training early on. It all started with my mom, a formally trained singer and pianist.

I frequently play solo and with small groups at local shows, parties, and open mics. Currently, I’m a guest musician with Collective a’Chord, an Arlington VA based cover band.  I’m always looking for a new opportunity to play with others, so if you’re looking, I’m game.

Eclecticism is my genre! A bit of almost everything since the mid 50s. From Hank to Hendrix, from Buddy to The Beatles to Bowie to Browne to Bottle Rockets, from Dylan to Davies, from Petty to Prophet, and Neil Young to Neil Finn… well, you get it. Rock, country, folk, singer-songwriter, alt-whatever, and on and on.

UPCOMING: 04.22.17 at 7 Corners Pub solo opening for Left On Lincoln. 05.12.17 at Cowboy Cafe with Collective a’Chord.


Drive My Car (Beatles)

by Collective a'Chord (JJ: bass, bg vox)

Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper)

by Collective a'Chord (JJ: bass)

And She Was (Talking Heads)

by Collective a'Chord (JJ: bass)


Jim Jacobs :: Arlington, Virginia, USA

703.304.9463 :: jim_at_jim-jacobs.com